Regularization Campaign in Morocco

In September 2013, Morocco launched a new migration policy aimed at the economic and social integration of people in an irregular situation, mainly from sub-Saharan African countries. The promotion of the legal and legislative framework of immigration in Morocco is one of the strategic axes of this new policy.

The year 2014 was, in fact, a major turning point in the management of migration affairs, thanks in particular to the guidance of HM King Mohammed VI and the mobilization of the government to give substance to this new policy.

The strategy of regularization and integration of migrants is articulated around four aspects. The first concerns the operation of regularization and the management of migratory flows in the context of respect for human rights, the second part relates to the institutional framework, the third relates to the legal arsenal, and the fourth relates to the integration of human rights. migrants.

The first regularization operation had collected 27,643 requests for regularization, of which 18,694 received a positive response from the 83 local provincial commissions. The second phase of the migrant regularization and integration campaign started on December 12, 2016, and on March 8, 2017, the former minister for migration, Anis Birrou, revealed that 18,281 applications for the regularization of foreigners in situation irregularities had been lodged at national level.